Catching Squirrels

February 24, 2010

Mes bons amis, comme jai deja explique…oops I forgot I was speaking to my American audience. As I was saying, My dear friends, as I have explained before my brother Magic, while I love him dearly, is always up to trouble and often needs my assistance. During these cold winter months, a few squirrels have decided to move into the eaves of my house. While I am a lover of all animals (being one myself), I really do not want them in my home. I mean, I have to draw the line here. One night my mother and I listened as these two squirrels ran back and forth across the eaves . The following morning my mother called the Wildlife and Bird Solutions Company to see what she could do about the situation. They informed her they set up safe and humane traps to catch animals and then set them free in a nearby park. We agreed this would be the best solution.

Magic Eating Squirrel BaitThe next day Kirk and Lisa from Wildlife were scheduled to arrive with their traps. As soon as the door bell rang, Magic jumped to greet them at the door. He ran around in circles as if he was chasing his own tail (a somewhat regular occurrence) until the door finally opened and they entered the house. I had to remind him that this was not the proper way to greet company and he better be on his best behavior. I am always explaining to him that this is the type of conduct that forces our mother to always leaves me in charge when she goes out, but he just doesn’t get it.

I escorted Kirk and Lisa to the backyard so they could inspect the condition of the eaves. After examination, they went back to their truck to retrieve four traps.  As they set them down on top of the snow Magic went running at full speed after them. Clearly he was after something and I was going to find out what it was. I threw on my mesh dog boots and chased after him. He had smelled the squirrel bait which was made of mainly peanut butter (his favorite!) He forced his nose up to the steel bars of the trap and began licking the bait right out of the trap! Quickly, I yelped for my mother. She came running out but I noticed she didn’t have proper boots on to go sprinting across the snow. She was going to kill him, I could see the look of anger on her face. She sloshed across the backyard as she sank into the snow with each step. I could see the snow collecting in her shoe and around her pants. She grabbed Magic by the collar and yanked him in the house. By now my mother was freezing! The only thing keeping her warm was the steam coming out of her ears. I glanced over to Magic who was standing there wagging his tail and offering a puzzled look on his face. I thought for sure I was going to quickly be an only child, however I will admit I have thought this before and he somehow always “magically” escapes getting thrown out. (I truly believe that is really where his name comes from, for all of you that thought it originated from “black magic”). But once again I stood in shock was I watched my mother’s face go from fury to a soft smile. Wait a minute, was he going to escape getting into trouble again? The bottoms of my mother’s pants were still sopping wet, how could this be? If I didn’t have such an great life I would say I want to come back as a Labrador, but I have it way too good!



Princess Sophia

February 23, 2010

While I was out in California working the Groom and Kennel Expo, my good friend Sophia stopped by the booth from PrincesSophia Couture. Sophia is an absolutely darling Maltese that loves to model her line of couture dresses. She swung by with her mother to greet us and she was wearing the most beautiful Daisy Swirls Embroidered Dress with matching Puppy Kisses Lime hair bow. PrincesSophia Couture caters to the most fabulous and sophisticated fashion hounds.  They are a family owned business and operated with the utmost style. They are true animal lovers and believe every pooch should to be pampered in luxurious dog apparel.

SophiaAfter the show was over for the day, I went outside to stand in the beautiful sunshine. As I had just left tons of snow in New York the warm weather felt fantastic. As I was standing there I thought how perfect it would be to be out on the water in Sophia’s yacht for the evening. I whipped out my cell phone and quickly dialed. Thirty minutes later Sophia arrived in a shiny red convertible wearing her Sailor Girl dress with matching Puppy Kisses Hot to Trot hair bow.   I jumped in the car and off we went to the marina. The sun was just about to set casting a breathtaking sunset.  We popped open a bottle of Cristal and before we knew it a small party had started to emerge.  Within minutes two yorkies, the King Charles twins Misty and Buffy and of course Butch the Rottie all arrived. We danced and partied like rock stars until the wee hours!


Bella’s Trip to California

February 19, 2010

Bella at hotelYou have heard a little about my brother, now it’s time to hear my story. As I mentioned earlier, I am not your typical dog. I am quite sophisticated.  I speak four languages and I am the brains behind Puppy Kisses, an on-line dog boutique.  I decided to expand the Puppy Kisses horizons and head out west to exhibit at Barkleigh’s Groom and Kennel Expo in California. Puppy Kisses creates a line of designer dog hair bows that is quite famous with dog groomers and sold in boutiques all over the country. I, of course, developed the line and have been instrumental in launching the brand nationally. Anyway, we flew out to the “City of Angels” last week and arrived just as one of our favorite boutiques was opening, Modern Dog in Venice, CA.  Guy and Lance were there to greet me. They have a beautiful boutique, a must see if you are in the area. Lance offered me a delicious biscuit to snack on while my mom handled the business. They selected a wonderful selection of our bows to carry in their store and then it was off to the next boutique to do more of the same.

Bella DrivingAs the busy day progressed, I couldn’t help but think of my brother Magic. While I am usually plotting ways to torture him, I must admit I could not help but to feel badly that we left him behind in two feet of snow while I was driving around in a convertible and in sunny weather. After all it was Valentine’s Day.  So I picked up the phone and called our local florist and had flowers sent to him. It was the least I could do…now back to my trip.  After a series of sales calls it was time to set up for our trade show.  I had three grueling days ahead of me where I was the going to be the token model. For those of you who have worked a trade show before I’m sure you can relate.  I modeled my bow to each person who walked in the booth. My aunt and mother handled the paperwork and worked the sale.  I mean who better to sell a dog bow than a dog. After the second day of the show had ended we need to attend a sales dinner. I called down to our concierge and had her make reservations for us at a lovely Italian restaurant a few miles away. I thought it would take minutes to get there, however this is LA the city of traffic!! While I didn’t need to pull out my pistol, I can definitely see why there might be a need to on occasion. We arrived at dinner a few minutes late which left me doing some ass-kissing to smooth it over with the boutique owner we were trying to sell to. We ended up doing tequila shots and closing the deal with a sizable order for bows from the Spring 2010 line.

Tradeshow boothOnly one more day left of the trade show and as soon as it is over we need to break down quickly and head straight to the airport for the red-eye back to New York. I have to tell you 6 days, 10 sales calls, 3 hotels and a trade show later I was ready to get back to the big apple.  We returned the rental car and took the shuttle bus to LAX where I had to check two bags. I have to vent here for a moment, who’s bright idea was it to start charging for baggage and how did they come with their math? It was one bag for $20 two for $50. It is the only place I have ever heard of where it costs more for two! I buy tee-shirts on the street, one for $5 two for $7. Now that’s a bargain. But not with the airlines, they are ready to start charging for toilet paper! (Needless to say I was a tad cranky by this point of the trip.)

We arrived in JFK at 6AM and took a taxi back home where is was greeted by my stupid brother. Wagging his tail and jumping around like an idiot. I bit him on the nose and headed straight to bed for a nap.  I’ll like to see him close as many sales in one week!


Snowy Days

February 6, 2010

Magic jumping in the snow They are expecting another snow storm for the New York area this weekend. This can only mean one thing…SNOWBALL FIGHT! As soon as it snows, my brother and I go running outside to play. Before I can go outside I need to put on my All Weather Tech coat. It comes in a few colors, but I selected the orange. I think it goes best with my coloring. Anyway, once that cold weather hits my face I know the next thing coming is a ball of snow headed at Magic’s face. My father picks up a snow shovel, scoops up a pile of snow and then throws it on Magic. With this he jumps up and tries to eat the snow. He is such an idiot! Doesn’t he know you cannot catch a pile of snow?

Magic in the snow Last time it snowed my human brother, Gray, decided to invent a new game, which I was not impressed with. We had received a lot of snow, well over a foot. Before my father had a chance to shovel a path in the backyard Gray opened the back door, scooped me up and yelled “Bella toss” and proceeded to throw me in a large pile of fresh snow. As I landed I realized the snow was above my head and I was not able to make it back to the door even though it was only two feet away. With this, my mother ran to my rescue. She pushed past Gray and lifted me up out of the snow and back in the warm house. After I shook the snow off me I began to get very hot. Not from the heat of the fireplace, but from the steam coming from my ears! How can Gray think he can do this to me? Does he not understand I’m the sophisticated one? This is an activity that should be saved for Magic the idiot! As I was trying to think of a plan to get back at Gray, I noticed he was already outside with Magic. He was trying to bury him in the snow but Magic keep trying to eat it.

How do I explain Magic?

February 4, 2010

While my brother’s name is Magic, he goes by many different names. What amazes me the most is he often answers to all of them. Which is incredible because I am clearly the brains behind our dynamic duo. If you ask my father his name is Goo, to my mother his is Mommy’s Little Boy, to my aunt he is Jeekers, my human brother it’s Goowie. But as we all know and can relate to, when you are in trouble you always get a formal name calling: M-A-G-I-C!!
Magic Smiling

Last week Magic had trouble sleeping. So in his infinite wisdom he decided to troll the house at 2AM. He came across a small house made of chocolate which my human sister had made and decorated with her friends. He jumped up pounding his front paws on the kitchen counter and methodically pawed at the house until it came crashing down on the floor. By the time the family woke up Magic had eaten the ENTIRE house. My mother was the first to discover the missing house and shrieked a very loud M-A-G-I-C!! But then found it adorable and almost endearing when Magic continued to echo these petite little burps. Typical, that idiot can get out of almost anything with a cute gesture. About an hour had passed and those little burps turned in a very large up-chuck all over the living room carpet. I thought for sure…“boy, now he’s gonna get it!” But no! My mother rubbed his tummy asking if he was ok. If it were up to me I would have throw him out in the snow by his ear! Boy it must be nice to be mommy’s little boy!

Miss Bella

Introducing Miss Bella!

February 3, 2010

Miss BellaHello my four legged friends!  My name is Bella. I am a black and white Papillon and have a brother Magic who is a black Labrador. To those who know me, I am very sophisticated and enjoy an night out on the town while my brother would rather stay home and channel surf.  I hope you log in to hear about our adventures. They promise to be cute, hilarious at times and often heart-warming.

Miss Bella